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Soils, Inc. Areas of Expertise

Soils Inc. has a well trained staff that offers a wide range of on-site sewage disposal system soil testing services, geotechnical engineering soil testing services, on-site sewage disposal system operation and maintenance services, and on-site sewage disposal system inspections.   Our valued clients consisted of:

  • Home Builders
  • Commercial Builders
  • Engineering Firms
  • Surveying Firms
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Home Owners

On-site Sewage Disposal Systems

Soils, Inc. proudly specializes in conventional and alternative on-site sewage disposal system approvals throughout the state of Virginia.  Soils, Inc. works hard to provide our clients with the best customer service, while providing cost effective and innovative on-site sewage disposal system solutions.

We provide Soil Investigation Services and Septic Design for On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems for large and small subdivisions, single family homes, and commercial projects such as churches, wineries, fire departments, etc. as well as repairs to existing systems.

Soils, Inc. has a well trained staff that consists of DPOR Master Licensed Authorized On-site Soil Evaluator (AOSE) and DPOR Licensed Professional Soil Scientist (LPSS).  We understand the importance of staying up-to-date on the ever-changing state and county on-site sewage disposal regulations.  We work closely with state and local regulators and alternative on-site septic system manufactures to provide our clients with the most cost effective and innovative technology to help achieve their project goals.  We also provide constant training to our staff in the form of continuing education classes, industry related conferences, and in house training.

Soils, Inc. has experienced great success with on-site sewage disposal system approvals for residential and commercial applications.  Soils, Inc. specializes in approvals for new subdivisions, tear down rebuilds, infill lots, commercial buildings, home additions and remodels.  Before starting a project we review health department records, NRCS and county soil mappings, site plans.  Or staff is comfortable working on large farms or small half acre lots throughout the region.

On-site Sewage disposal system soil investigations (PERC testing services): Soils Inc. works hard to find cost effective Conventional Septic Systems, however, when needed, we are experienced and up-to-date on new industry technology and regulations to design alternative engineered on-site sewage disposal system solutions such as drip, sand mound, trench, and when applicable, experimental systems.

Soil testing services are provided throughout the state for large subdivisions, single family homes, and commercial projects.  Available information such as health department records, soil mappings, and topography maps are reviewed in the office.  Field visits are conducted to investigate the site and soil conditions with hand augers and/or backhoes.  We promptly provide construction permits, certification letters, percolation testing, and sewage disposal system stakeouts.

Preliminary soil suitability mapping for on-site sewage disposal systems:  Available information such as health department records, NRCS and soil survey soil mappings, and topography maps are reviewed in the office.  Site visits are preformed to investigate the site and soil conditions to prepare and good-fair-poor potential rating of your property for potential on-site sewage disposal systems.  A verbal or written report is promptly provided to our clients with this information


Soils, Inc. has a DPOR Licensed Alternative Onsite Sewage System Operator (AOSSO) on staff. Our staff attends hours of training on alternative and conventional sewage disposal systems inspection procedures.    This allows us to provide you with the knowledge to perform quality on-site septic system inspections for property transfers and annual alternative sewage disposal system inspections.  A detailed report of findings is provided to you and the appropriate parties.

Annual Alterative Sewage Disposal System Inspections:  Current Virginia regulations require an annual septic inspection on any alterative onsite sewage disposal system.  Soils Inc. is licensed to complete these inspections and submit the required report to the state and county regulators.

Start up inspections: We provide inspections during the sewage disposal system installation and provide inspection reports and As-built drawings to local health department and engineering design companies      

Property Transfer Well and Septic Inspections: Soils Inc. Works with real estate companies, individual realtors, and homeowners to complete property transfer well and septic inspections.  We pride ourselves on getting the inspections and the report completed quickly.  Depending on your needs, Soils Inc. offers a wide range of property transfer on-site septic inspections.  We inspect all septic system components, probe out drainfield lines, and provide a report of findings and recommendations.  Well inspections a inspection of the well and a well water sample is collected and submitted to the laboratory for testing.

Soils Inc. septic designs are completed in-house. We specialize in the design of alternative and conventional on-site sewage disposal systems. Alternative systems that we design include:

  • Microfast
  • Advantex
  • EZTreat
  • Drip
  • Elevated Sand Mound
  • Experimental

Soils, Inc. provides operation and maintenance manuals and water mounding calculations for alternative on-site sewage disposal systems.  We also provide third party start-up inspections, As-built drawings, and completion statements for regulatory submission.


Our head engineer Dr. Lawrence Rude has over 40 years experience in the geotechnical engineering industry.  He has a proven track record of quality engineering work.

Our Geotechnical Department provides Full and Limited Geotechnical Investigations, Storm Water Infiltration Studies, Storm Water Management Facility Inspections, and Ground Water Investigations throughout the region. We also provide:

  • IVB Soil Certifications – Fairfax County
  • Soil Bearing / Marine Clay Checks – City of Alexandria and Arlington County
  • Type II geotechnical investigations – Prince William County
  • Soil Mapping – Loudoun & Fauquier Counties
  • Shrink Swell Testing – Stafford & Spotsylvania Counties

We stay up-to-date on current testing requirements to provide our clients with the best service.

Soils, Inc. provides storm water infiltration studies in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.  Soils Inc. works closely with civil engineering firms throughout the region to determine suitable infiltration locations for our clients.  We have a Licensed Professional Soil Scientist (LPSS) on staff that is well trained in Soil Morphology to investigate soils and conduct infiltration testing.   We work with Fairfax County, The Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District and the Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists (VAPSS) to provide training classes for storm water infiltration testing.

We are licensed professional soil scientists which is a requirement to conduct infiltration testing in Arlington and Fairfax Counties.

Soils, Inc. provides our clients with inspections of Storm Water Management Facilities at the time of installation.  We specialize in As-Built Certifications for infiltration facilities, rain gardens, planter boxes, and pervious paver driveways. Inspections are conducted in accordance with local regulations and inspection reports are prepared for regulatory submission.

We are currently conducting as-built certifications for storm water management facilities in Arlington County.